Esther Wojcicki fellows exist to increase the global Spirit and Impact of the Cardinal community through the lens of design, technology, social innovation and love for learning.


Esther Wojcicki fellows exist to increase the global Spirit and Impact of the Cardinal community through the lens of design, technology, social innovation and love for learning. Educating youth from every continent is the hallmark of the Esther Wojcicki fellowship experience. Designership Fellows will choose either working with the Spight Institute Moonshots Center or the PAUSD Media Arts Center and may be fully funded, partially funded or self funded depending on financial aid package. Through radical collaboration, the designership approach is embedded in the notion of bringing together talented, curious and inspired moonshot thinkers from around the world and from all backgrounds to create programs and services that are deployed out in the world to generate a positive impact through education. In our flagship program, Designership fellows form genuine relationships with influencers from many disciplines committed to solving some of the world’s most wicked design challenges. Some of the Esther Wojcicki fellows come from diverse backgrounds and our hands on programs prepare designers to become highly effective global citizens of noble character.

February 1st , 2018

What is Designership

Designership is not pedagogy, rather, it’s a way of life.

Designership is not pedagogy, rather, it’s a way of life. The SIDE model is foundational (Scholarship, Internship, Designership and Entrepreneurship). Our fellowship program is grounded in the notion of design freedom where fellows work on design challenges that matter the most to them beginning in the classroom and out in the world. Designership is about authentic action, positive impact, collaboration and respect, where every voice is equally heard. Moonshot Thinking and Design Action are two of our distinguishing approaches to problem solving and learning used in every discipline and design challenge. Public Service is second nature for Designership Fellows.

Attributes of Designership Fellows

Designership fellows are distinguishable, masterful life-long learners. They have mastered the Esther Wojcicki moonshots framework (TRICK method) and they are productively engaged in our democracy and fully present to a constantly evolving global economy. They are first scholars who aspire to be developed into successful global citizens who demonstrate:


Fellowships will be awarded to currently enrolled undergraduate students from any academic discipline. Priority will be given to students who have completed less than two previous Cardinal Quarter opportunities. Graduating seniors may apply with the understanding that preference may be given to competitive continuing undergraduate applicants. Applicants vary in academic interests, community service involvement, and experience.

Selection Process

For those who seek assistance, advising is available at the Designership Institute or the Haas Center to help students develop their applications and/or to identify potential partner organizations. Students are strongly encouraged to discuss ideas for placements with Fellowships Program staff well before the application deadline to identify appropriate/relevant opportunities and prepare effective application materials. Developing a suitable Designership placement takes time, so it is important to start the application process early and consult with professors, advisors, and community partners regularly. This fellowship is intended for individuals whose application, references, and interview demonstrate

Complete applications are screened, finalists interviewed, and fellows selected by a committee with the intention to award fellowships prior to spring break. Committee decisions are final.

Intellectual Vitality: Service, Program and App Requirement (SPAR)

Fellowship achievement is marked by the products students create using competencies. These competencies include Professional Competencies, Technical Competencies, and Character Competencies. Designership mentors assess these competencies based on observed evidence and completed projects and products.Designership Fellows are required to complete public service through the lens of their passion/curiosity projects assessed through their SPAR portfolio. Fellows create independent design challenges that make a difference for their chosen moonshot community. Fellows are evaluated on products and services they create to increase positive engagement between diverse groups and enhance their community. Fellows are then required to create a digital portfolio of the products and services they developed to make a difference for their chosen community.

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