Steven Li

Designership Institute Fellow


I am a 17 year-old student, founder, and EdTech entrepreneur driven to make experiential learning for youth ubiquitous as a method of bridging the world’s opportunity gap. As the Founder and CEO of ProjectileX, I work on building a network of students, educators, executives, and policy-makers across the globe to push for a technology-driven business education for youth. Our programs have reached over 106,000 students in 15 countries across 220 schools through global partnerships.

Understanding that society is becoming increasingly digitized, I decided to join iCON (a HoM Ventures company), where I serve as Chief Product Officer to lead the development of our application (think Khan Academy meets LinkedIn for Generation Z); in 2017, my company drove over $140,000 in sales and gave rise to over 200 student-made prototypes.

I firmly believe that currently, the creative capacity of the youth is not being harnessed to its full potential, and I work with the mindset of creating opportunities, including jobs, internships, and volunteering opportunities for youth to foster the next generation of community and social impact-driven young entrepreneurs.

Mary Ann Davidson, the CSO of Oracle, said the following about me: “I would not and did not have the moxie at age 16 - or later - to start a nonprofit much less have the success you have had.”

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