Rahul Bavirisetty

Designership Institute Fellow


I am a 17 year old student at Granite Bay High School aiming to create alternative academic pathways for students who are not able to fit into the traditional linear educational system. As the co-founder and Chief Business Officer of ProjectileX, I am working to create public-private partnerships and develop relationships with individual schools to expand our business education programs.

To gain a larger foothold in my community, I am also serving as the President of the Placer County Youth Board, where I support STEM related events by creating our county’s first hackathon for the youth community. In addition, I am working with our County’s Board of Supervisors to pass a county-wide Social Host Ordinance, which has been proven to reduce underage drinking.

Long-term, I hope to work with schools directly in creating programs that encourage Project- Based Learning and open up a variety of pathways students can enter rather than the traditional route that students are forced into.

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