Ellen Xiong

Designership Institute Fellow


I am a senior at Lynbrook High School striving to create social change one community at a time. Currently, I serve as the Head of Social Impact at ProjectileX, where I work on forging meaningful partnerships with organizations to empower women and creating opportunities for the underprivileged, such as homeless children, low-income students, and schools in impoverished nations.

Prior to leading social impact at ProjectileX, I founded FiLit, a nonprofit organization dedicated to informing today’s youth about financial literacy and helping them hone the sharp investment acumen necessary to effectively managing their future livelihoods.

As a young innovator, I promote entrepreneurial diversity through advocating for equality for individuals of all socioeconomic statuses. I operate under an adamant belief that everyone deserves the same start to to their journey towards prosperity, and I hope to help achieve that through my business ventures.

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