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Who we are

As the world evolves, we are clear that the skills necessary for academic success in the future are currently unknown. There is, therefore, a need to create and nurture scholars who will be masterful lifelong learners and designers. As an academic enterprise, DeSIGNership exists to create, train, and develop innovative designers who can powerfully reinvent themselves in order to effectively generate success aligned to the current and future needs and wants of the world.

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This program was made to expand your horizons and teach you the most important skills in life.

What We Do

Promises of the Program

DeSIGNership scholars are empowered to generate success in any situation that shows up in their life. Scholars discover an access to actions they can take to fulfill on their life commitments. This new access transforms how school and the world occurs to them and powerfully calls scholars into effective action. Scholars discover a newfound effectiveness and are left fully empowered to generate success regardless of the circumstance that they are in.

Our Learning Engineers/Facilitators

DeSIGNership teachers are accomplished facilitators, effective leaders and designers who breathe life into each customized design future. Their commitment and capacity is essential to ensure that every design scholar thrives in this continuously evolving global marketplace. Our teachers are passionate, skilled professionals who effectively engage design scholars, ensuring their learning, and shaping their development regardless of the circumstances. Our teachers have mastered the distinctions of design future, design integrity, design responsibly, design impact, design space and design discovery.

Our Scholars

Design scholars are distinguishable, masterful life-long learners; who are productively engaged in our democracy and fully present to a constantly evolving global economy. Design scholars develop into successful global citizens who demonstrate: The experience of having a well-rounded academic foundation; A diverse cultural and global competency skill set; The ability to design for and collaborate effectively; The ability to generate powerful designs and actionable communication; The ability to solve problems masterfully by dwelling in deSIGNership as a contextual world.

The Team

Freedom Cheteni Designership Institute Co-Director
Miriam Haart Designership Institute Co-Director
Artur Barbosa Designership Institute Fellow
Lucas Evans Designership Press CTO
Samuel Vasquez CIM Director
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P O Box 20025, Stanford, CA 94301

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